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Day to Day Diary

In the following sections I'm going to try and give a little overview of what we did each day along with a gallery of photos that we can look back on. I've got a shit memory so I've probably already forgotten a lot.

Day 0

Date: 21st July 2022

Start Location: Swindon

End Location: Vancouver

Accommodation: Best Western Plus Sands

Barber, Lucy and Ben drove down to my house in Swindon the previous night so that we could all travel together to Heathrow. Kyle had just returned from Colombia so met us at the airport a bit later after having slept in. The flight was direct to Vancouver at 10am, meaning we arrived in Vancouver pretty tired at Midday. 

On arriving into Vancouver we jumped into an Uber to the hotel, unfortunately our room was ready so we dropped the bags off and headed down round the corner to the Craft on English Bay and had some food.

When we got back to the hotel we were so tired, Barber, Lucy and myself had a nap at 6pm that turned into the whole night. Ben and Kyle however decided to head out for a few more drinks and a spliff. This caused Kyle to scream in the middle of the night before trying to piss in the corridor and wardrobe before being ushered to the toilet by Barber and myself at 1am.


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Day 1

Date: 22nd July 2022

Start Location: Vancouver

End Location: Squamish

Accommodation: Mountain Retreat Hotel

Stops: Shannon Falls, The Chief

After going to bed so early, Barber, Lucy and I heading out at 5am to explore Stanley Park, they ran, I walked. It was nice to get out this early and see the city as the sun rose. 

Once the sore heads of Ben and Kyle awoke, we got breakfast then headed to pick the car up. 

Travelling up towards Squamish our first stop was Shannon Falls (technically second stop after our realisation on how expensive Canada was in Safeway). This was a nice little introduction to our first Canadian waterfall just a 10 minute walk from the car park next to the Sea to Sky highway 99.

Further up the highway we stopped at the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park to hike up to the originally named (a theme in Canada) Second Peak of the Chief. This was a tough introduction for our first hike with 600m elevation gain in less than 2 miles, you can see on my Strava here. There were a lot of step, a ladder and chains to help you up to the top of the peak. It was all worth it for the views we were rewarded with.

We then headed to our first hotel where we had to sneak a very paranoid and anxious Kyle into the room with his inflatable bed. Kyle was added to the holiday late on, so we struggled to rebook all the accommodation meaning  that he had to either kip in the car or sneak into the room.