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April 2023

Attendees: Badger, Barber, Tom, Rice
Wainwrights completed: Latrigg, Lonscale Fell, Little Man, Skiddaw, Bakestall, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell, Barf.

Barber, Rice, Tom and I originally planned on a four-day trek through the Northern and North Western fells to try and tick off 28 Wainwrights in one go. We soon realised that was massively over ambitious for our fitness (minus Barb), the time we had and the fact that we were carrying an extra 15-20kg of gear up some big hills.

After meeting up in Keswick on Sunday 2nd April, we stayed the night in the YHA Keswick hostel. In no rush to set off on the Monday morning, we hung outside the local Wetherspoons like alcoholics until it opened at 8am for a big fry up to start the day off.

Day 1

Parking the car at the bottom of Latrigg, we jumped out to chalk it off without our bags as it's just a short walk from the car. The views over Keswick already impressive.

Picking up our already too heavy bags, we set off for our second Wainwright, Lonscale Fell. After a relatively easy start and an early stop for water in the first stream we came to, we started the ridiculously hard ascent up Lonscale Fell, well and truly blowing out of our arses. By this point I had already realised how much of a schoolboy error I had made by attempting a four day hike in brand new leather boots, my heels started to blister already.

After a quick snack and Compeed application on both heels, we set back off for Little Man, already doubting that we could complete the first day to plan.

After summiting Little Man and the highest point of the trip of Skiddaw at 931m, we made the decision to cut out the detour to take in four more Wainwrights. As well as our fitness we were short on water with no signs of any water source nearby.

We carried on to Bakestall whilst starting to think about finding a spot to camp. Still without water, we had to carry on down into the valley and leave a good camping spot behind us. Thankfully reaching a waterfall at the bottom of the valley, we made the decision to camp close by that night in a sheltered sheep pen, hiding from any farmers. It turned out to be a great spot to camp with the dramatic mountains surrounding us and a clear sky with a nearly full moon above us. The dehydrated meals and rum hot chocolate were well deserved.

Day 2

After struggling to get to sleep until the early hours, we got up, had breakfast and packed away. Setting off again we knew it was going to be another tough day, so much so that Tom left his bag in a bush along with my tent, bag and pad so we could pick it up later in the car.

Heading off through the valley, we bypassed the first planned Wainwright and detoured to a hostel in the middle of the valley, one that would’ve been perfect to stop at! We picked up our route towards Blencathra, coming to a river that we needed to cross. With no clear crossing we took of our boots to paddle over, Tom showing us how to do it by getting his boots wet without wearing them. Another steep ascent followed, I was really struggling with my blisters and my fitness. Barb and Rice ploughed on whilst Tom and I eventually made it to the top, even with another Wainwright in sight, we couldn’t bring ourselves to complete it. Cooking up some food with Blencathra bearing down on us, we replanned the day and headed straight down the mountain to the pub at Scales for a well-deserved pint. Meaning that we didn’t manage to add any more Wainwrights on day 2.

After a taxi back to town, Tom the superstar went and picked up the gear we left, we then checked back into the hostel and headed to the pub.

Day 3

We had already decided that we weren’t going to wild camp again, mainly due to the crap night’s sleep and forecast for snow and strong winds. Instead, we had an easy morning and everyone bar me went to do a short climb up Blencathra. I waited in the pub for them with my puzzle book, 20 mins later Tom joined me leaving the other two to complete it on their own. All complete, we headed back to the hostel, then to the pub.

Day 4

After breakfast, I dropped Rice off at Penrith train station. In the afternoon the rest of us drove up to Whinlatter forest to do a short 3 hour walk with 3 more Wainwrights. Mr Injury (me) rolled my ankle straight away which got worse as the walk went on, spraining my foot. After completing the Gruffalo trail, we then went up to Lord's Seat, trudged through the bogs to Broom Fell, getting very wet feet. It was too easy for Barber, so he ran it. We then came back on ourselves to complete the final Wainwright of our trip, Barf. Which is what I felt like doing.


Wainwrights Completed


Latrigg, Lonscale Fell, Little Man, Skiddaw, Bakestall, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell, Barf

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